Our mission is to educate and empower all to be successful in college, career and community in the 21st century. We are honored that we have been entrusted with your child’s education. Trona High school is working hard to provide the most relevant, rigorous and current educational experience available. We take this charge seriously and are committed to the goal that every student leaves Trona High as an effective communicator, self directed learner, a responsible citizen and a complex thinker.

Our staff members will be constantly collaborating and evaluating in order to make positive progress towards academic achievement and athletic success. I am grateful for our teachers, staff, coaches, and parents/community members who put in so much time on behalf of our students.

We are absolutely committed to the RELENTLESS pursuit of academic success. We invite all involved to demonstrate this relentless attitude and grit as we work towards educating and empowering all. This partnership between, staff, students and parents is essential to ensuring this reality.

Go Tornadoes!!!

Joseph Wolfe, Principal

Trona High School